This past weekend I went to Wal-Mart to fatten up my ever-expanding leggings and tights collection (the collection expands — not the hosiery). While I did not find their selection in that department to be satisfactory, I did find this:

It was on the banner display thingy that was in-store, but you know what was not in-store? The actual ding dang shirt! So I looked up at that image of the shirt and I said, “Shirt! I will find you. I have to have you. It is destiny.” While I do not like animal print fashion, I do like actual animal images on shirts. I feel like maybe some of their spirit is included in the overall purchase. Sort of like modern-day Native American wear, you know?


… Well, I think so.

And if you asked me whether or not I make my destiny happen by going to and buying that shirt, my answer would be a resounding, unabashed, YES.

To put a thematic cap on things, I have this to say: Wal-mart is stepping it’s game up! I’m impressed. If you are in need of cute things that are not mom shorts with a crotch too low, they now have them! (They also still have mom shorts with a crotch too low).

Check out some Wal-mart’s other stuff by Ocean Pacific, a brand that seems to have a semi-permanent installment nowadays:

All items under $10. Really!

I’ll be back with more ways for you AND your wallet to look cute.


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