By: epluribusgeenum

Jan 04 2010

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The Rip by Portishead with scenes from the film The Fountain starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weiss.

Why this video?  Because it wraps up nicely several thoughts that have been roaming through my mind the last year.  Thoughts on life, love, continuation, living forever, new generations, the earth, deadly missions, goals, useless wars, fruitless ambition, and obsessions.  Yep.  All of that.

Plus, it’s Portishead.  Doy.

A new year is here, friends!  I said “Sayonara, 2009, to the books with you!” with friends, one lover, and one foe, who will remain unnamed.  My next move?  I’ll face it with the moxie typical of a woman on a mission….

… as well as the shortcomings and drawbacks typical of a Geena.


3 comments on “Heart-ripping”

  1. Consider yourself bookmarked. You have been, for a while, but I just got around to telling you, so now you can CONSIDER it.

    Happy 2010! Hope you’re very, very well.

  2. I came here from bing. After reading

  3. moxie is an excellent word I wish the American people used more often. well done geeniepie.

    the fountain was a beautiful movie, all around.

    uhhh tsss unnnnnn tsss uhn.

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