Of course it’s nice to be wanted

Today marked my first day of work at Copy Corner as a desktop publisher.  Other than my sweeping charms and my winning smile, my friend Dub Scout got me the job.  Ha.  The possibilities for this combination of paper, ink, and friend are explosive.  I am in heaven.  The whole place smells like a new book… I almost can’t take it.  This afternoon my supervisor caught me cuddling a warm stack of printed paper to my chest.

“Hot off the press!  It’s good, isn’t it?”  He understands.

So, within the first few hours, a client representing a company called “The Word Station” came in to print out several educational booklets.  Peering at what was on the computer screen, I commented on how interesting that approach to teaching was, using knowledge of Latin and Greek roots to better comprehend vocabulary in any subject be it scientific, arts-based, or mathematical.  That sort of thinking gets me so buck.  Do you know how fun it is to be able to figure out another language simply by breaking it apart using etymological skills?  It feels like I’m solving a riddle or a deciphering a puzzle.  It makes me feel smart, and no doubt it helps kids expand their learning processes.

One question led to several more, and then he asked for my resume.  I lowered my voice and said, “Sir, I work here.  This is my job.  I don’t know how appropriate that would be…”

He gave me his card and asked me to e-mail him my resume.

Well!  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting a second job… especially when I know I could be good at it and continually hone my linguistic skills.  Maybe just not in the presence of my new employer… but.  You know.  Mama’s gotta make money.


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