Good Morning

By: epluribusgeenum

Oct 19 2009

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Category: N'importe quoi


October is almost gone.  WHAT.

2 comments on “Good Morning”

  1. beautiful fall flowers! me like 🙂

    how do i follow your blog? i am confused because i am technologically challenged and i am in france and i dont want to sit at the computer and try to figure it out.

    tu me manques!!!!!!! vraiment!!!!!!!


  2. man! i just read your blog and was thinking, i am so glad kelly has a blog where i can read her thoughts. then i felt creepy. then i thought WHATEVER! she invited me. now i’m here and i have to say… i don’t know the answer to your question. i don’t think they have an option for that. you’ll just have to put a link on your blog to make it easier for yourself or just hack the steps of typing the blog into the browser. or RSS feed it. who knows!

    which reminds me. i need to link to your blog on here so i can make it easier for myself too!

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