Junior Boys, Dead Horse

For today, a bittersweet shot of electricity in music form.   I needed it today.  The sky was like a gray canvas.  It wasn’t too bad when I think about it.  But that one moment on the slick cobblestone, listening to this song  —  when I looked up, not for answers, but to, I don’t know, say a prayer to get the sun to come out, I felt the grim pleasure that comes with getting hurt.  Let’s be clear, I don’t enjoy pain.  But there was something satisfying about looking at that cobblestone, telling myself wondering whether I would take it that fast, seeing the fall a split second before it even occurred, bracing myself, peering up at the sky and letting it happen anyway.

People rushed up, like they typically do.  “OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY?”

“Yes, of course, I’m fine.  I’m up.”  I dust off my pantaloons and pick up my bicycle.

“Are you sure?”

With a gentle twinge of annoyance in my voice – “Yes.  It’s a part of it.  I get over it pretty quickly.”  A hop on the saddle and then a quick ride away.  That’s all you really want to do… just ride away as fast as you can.

The knees hurt like the dickens but the ears, they were gooooood.

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