She needs! Six Eggs!

Should you watch the following video, this could possibly go down in history as one of the biggest wastes of your time ever.  There wasn’t much to do in the French country… so I recorded a smattering of videos of my daily walks.

Apparently it takes a fair amount of difficulty to trot a steep downhill on a hot day and sing.  So kudos to the military of days of yore? After I took this video some neighbors came out and I had to convince them that I wasn’t part of a government entity trying to “do something” on their property with my camera. And my jorts.

Look, I watched a lot of Disney when I was a kid. And yes, I dedicate a chunk of my memory to Disney songs.

One comment on “She needs! Six Eggs!”

  1. I just want you to know….this made my day. The whole thing, even the parts of the day before i watched this.

    More s’il vous plaît.

    With love,

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