Mates of State Ain’t Got Nothin’ On These Two!

By: epluribusgeenum

Aug 09 2009

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Category: music, paris, video

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Someday, I would like to be a part of a duo as dynamic as these two. The fact that they are together romantically and work together musically is something for the books. I can’t think of many people in history who manage to do that. Mates of State, Sonny & Cher, of course come to mind but their music is nowhere near this bumpin’.  (And we know what happened with Sonny & Cher.)

Their simple formula creates some of the most C-walk-in-sneakers-down-the-street-worthy music. It makes sense; they’re from Brooklyn. As far as I’ve gathered, it goes like this: key intro + Matt vocals + beat + aural punches and kicks aaaand so on! There’s nothing “genius” about it except pure simplicity.  Brilliant simplicity.  This summer session in Paris I’ve been living off a meager musical diet, as far as on-the-go tunes go. I have a playlist I composed pre-flight. There’s a specific reason for every song on the list. I feel like I’ve exhausted it and will have to retire many of these songs for awhile (everyday: 4+ hours of exploring, about 2 of which are on bike) so before I leave there are certain songs I have… specific plans for.

For instance, I have the entire soundtrack from Amelie set up for a bike ride to Mont Martre/Sacre Coeur. Awww right now.

And then there’s “Daylight” by Matt&Kim off their new album.  I needed a bit of cheering up today and I knew if anything was going to pick me up it would be this one. It deserves the proper treatment so I foregoed the bike (or is it forewent?? I care less and less) and took the ol’ earbuds for an appropriately rhythmic walk with Matt & Kim. I finger-gunned people, turned my head up to the sun to let it warm my cheeks, you know, that cheesy stuff that people only do in movies. I love feeling like I’m in a music video/musical. Curiously, for some odd reason that I can’t pinpoint, this tune inspires me to karate kick someone in the face whenever the beat busts in. Not for the violence factor or anything… that’s just what it sounds like it merits.
That… or the completion of a successful slide tackle.
Orrr a belly flop into a swimming pool.
Or! Storming through the doors of your highschool on the last day of school, senior year.
Something recollective of being plugged IN.

“Daylight” does something so funny to my insides and I LIKE IT.
And apparently these two are cool enough to give out free downloads so go get you soooome! Now with three versions!

The cherry on top of this sundae is this video of them walking down a street in Manhattan, erm, inappropriately dressed for February, so to speak. Different song: “Lesson Learned.” A song AND a video! Hoo-ee, I must be CrAzY today! The kind that calls for idiotic capitalization.

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