Love-a love-a love-a Bossa Nova.  Especially Paris-based Nouvelle Vague who does Bossa Nova covers of popular New Wave songs from days of yore.  Have you ever heard of them?  They are the perfect soundtrack for a slow day in the park… or a lazy morning to afternoon transition in bed.  Listening to them while in walking around Paris makes me feel like I’m part of a movie. I walk around swaying, bobbing my head, and grinning like an idiot. So this is a dated favorite of mine, but.  It must be shared.  Someone had the genius idea of seamlessly putting this song to one of the best scenes of French New Wave cinema.  New Wave anything is deeee-lightful.

Film: Bande A Part (Band of Outsiders) by Jean-Luc Godard

Music: Dance with Me by Nouvelle Vague

I dedicated a bit of my afternoon yesterday to getting this dance down pat.  This afternoon, I took a nap and just woke up cranky– I usually wake up cranky after naps because 1) it’s not really sleeping because when I sleep, I like to do it big.  2), it feels suspiciously like a giant waste of daylight and energy.  Because it is.  So after my nap I decided I had to find a way to feel productive.  Tonight?  My roommate Irina and I learned a few 8 counts of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”  We are well on our way to putting on a Michael Jackson themed musical.  Now THAT, folks, is how to waste time effectively.


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  2. Nice I just got into them after I shazammed it out of a boutique in Houston. I dig lots.

    Not really new wave but have you had a listen at God Help the Girl? B&S rooted.

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