Ironically Yahoo! Had the Best Answer

My roommate Celine and I finished up watching our daily nightly movie when she noticed a shiny black spot in the glow of our livingroom lamp.  Upon closer expection she asked me, “Is that a black ladybug?”  I joined her in the investigation.

“Looks like it.”  But the question on both our minds was… what does that mean?  (Why does this question come up?  What do we mean what does it mean!  Why can’t it just happen? Why do we look for meaning in meaningless things!  ANYWAY.)

Who cares, I thought, “Let’s Google it!”

Yes.  Because Google is the amassed knowledge of millions of human beings all over the planet.  Surely somewhere there’s a collective verdict on what a black ladybug could mean.  I stopped my search after this one:

Q: I saw a black ladybug today.?  What does it mean??

Ed. note: The first sentence is not a question, but a statement.  She even proves that with a period.  But!  Then she qualifies it with the proper punctuation.  She could be being funny, as I do the same thing sometimes?  Like that there?  But I’m pretty sure this is just how idiots use punctuation.  Yes, I judge you when you use poor grammar and don’t know it.

A: It means you’re not capable of seeing beyond the color of an insect’s skin. Have you actually tried getting to know this ladybug? You might find out that you both have more in common than you ever knew.

That rules me.


5 comments on “Ironically Yahoo! Had the Best Answer”

  1. Insects don’t have skin, they have an exoskeleton. Only vertebrates have skin.

  2. Yo yo, I migrated back to your blog after too long a vacation. Oops. It happens. This is wonderful. Seriously, this story made awesome things happen in my head.

    Confession time: The first time I read the answer from yahoo I was skimming and first thought “not being able to see the insect’s color” was like…..ok, prepare yourself, this is going to be tricky to explain cause it really doesn’t make sense.

    But you know how grass is green because really the grass is every color BUT green. It’s the green that bounces off the grass so that’s the color we see when we look at grass. Elementary paid off, indeed. : ) Alright so keep that in mind.

    This lady bug is black. It’s color is all colors. It is a burdened ladybug, it is absorbing all of the world and so reflects nothing, no color….maybe this ladybug is absorbing all the bad things too, and the rest of the world is splendidly bright because this little thing consumed all the darkness. And then I kind of felt kind of emotionally vulnerable and amazed that these kind of martyr ladybugs exist.
    Maybe he/she is like a savior ladybug and all the other ladybugs get to be red because he/she is black…..

    You know ladybugs are considered good luck, a sign of blessing to a house, etc.

    Obviously, I need to get my head out of books or something.

    I reread and then understood what that yahoo person was really saying, but this whole thing made me feel like I should misread more often, misunderstand more often, because not paying attention allowed some really neat stuff to float around in my head. Keep it up girl! Hope life’s grand!

  3. Katie, you have so much to say and I love hearing all of it. Even funny dramatic bits about ladybugs. Sometimes making something out of nothing can be good, mind-stimulating stuff. I think that’s what makes simple things like ladybugs so interesting– the way you can dissect them and create new meaning.

    I hope you are having many adventures in Austin. That city is not ready for you.

    • ha ha

      dissect them.

      College Station’s not ready for the can of WHOOPass (get it, get it? no….fail.) that your gonna unleash on them this year! Ow!

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