Eureka! Castles!

By: epluribusgeenum

Jul 20 2009

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Eureka’s Castle was one of my favorite kid’s shows.  I watched it when I was pretty young so I don’t remember much episode-wise but I definitely remember the characters and watching it all the time.

This weekend I went on a sweet little tour of French castles up and down the Loire Valley.  Real castles!  Not the Disneyland kind, fools.  Leonardo di Vinci frequented the first (it was bunk, otherwise) in Amboise, my camera battery died at the second and easily the coolest castle =(, the third was converted into a bed and breakfast where we stayed, the fourth treated us to a wine-tasting at 10 am, and the last castle was where I decided I was officially chateauxed out and spent 3/4 of my time on the lawn just outside where I could watch the horses romp around the King’s hunting grounds.

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Behold a vlog featuring the chateau I stayed the night in.  Because it was one of the few moments I had to myself and the room was thoroughly enjoyable… and clearly I’m a narcissist.  Clearly. That word vlog is so weird — it sounds like I’m plugging in Scandanavian flair into my sentences.  Maybe I am!

I had to whisper because it was like 2 am in the morning. You know how I do.

Oh! I almost forgot.  The proprietor of the castle-turned-winery owned this beautiful piano and of course I had to ask what kind of wood it was, where it was from, how old it was, you know.  The important things in life.

Well his answer didn’t exactly respond to my question but it was way better than the one I expected — he told me I could PLAY IT!

So I did.


Playing a piano whose age may or may not be older than the freaking CASTLE where it resides–   Ummm.. check!  Unfortuantely, I didn’t play a whole song.  Disappointment in myself.  I thought it would’ve just been grossly self-serving… the other CEA students were crowded around and we were on a tour.  Now that I think about it I would give my left hand to play a Debussy song on it and really milk it.  Although I would probably also have to figure out a way to do that with only one hand.

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