Forever and Green

By: epluribusgeenum

Jul 17 2009

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Hoo, boy I have a lot to share!  Animal Collective came into town (!!) and performed at La Cigale, the indie darling of music venues here in Paris other tha the now defunct Fleche d’Or, womp womp.  The funny part about this concert is that it was unbeknownst to me up until a week ago when I saw the affiche posted up by the bathroom of a bar.  Apparently when I am tipsy my antics include kleptomania of useless things like posters.  (Did you just learn a new French word by context clues?  Yes, I think you did! Who says reading this blog is a complete waste of time?)

The bike ride was  from the 11th arrondissement to the 18th… which is a shady part of town, indeed.  Shady and filled with cheap, delicious thrills!  Before the concert I had Tunisian cuisine  for 2.50 Euros.  Next to the restaurant there was a beggar, and I told him if he took my photo that I would give him 10 centimes (conversion: 16-ish US cents) in return for his service.  A passerby noticed what I was doing, did the deed, and walked away (but not before asking for my number.  Creep.  Helpful creep.)  I turned to the beggar and said en francais of course, “Eh, Monsieur, I think you could do a better job.  Want to try?”  The dude refused, claiming he was no photographer!  What the eff!  If I”m going to give you any of my money for free, even if it’s a little, you better earn that crap my doing a jig, playing some music, or at least doing me a favor!  Come on.

Mmm, fried Tunisian goodness.  So healthy, right?  🙂

I met a new friend shortly after.  Awa asked me if she could sit next to me to enjoy her dinner and helped me practice French conversation.  She is, predictably, Tunisian.  Beautiful accent.


Then it was over to La Cigale.

013The mezzanine as viewed from the flo’.

Cigarettes, fashion-whores, and black-rimmed glasses galore!  The French indie crowd is not too different from any other city’s… although this was pretty shameful:


I like the expression on the face of guy in les lunettes.

Sitting down! FOOOOOO-lish!  Not too bad at dancing, though.  The floor at this venue is one where you can feel it pump up and down with every jump of the crowd.  It feels vaguely dangerous, and totally rock-and-roll.  LOVE THAT.

Daily Routine is one of those songs on Merriweather Post Pavilion that grew on me. . . everytime I listen to it the insanity of the organ arpeggiation surges through my spine.  It sounds like an alarm clock going off which is probably the intended effect. Also if a sound were a jellyfish sting, I’m certain that’s what it would feel like.

Anything having to do with fireworks is okay by me and always makes me want to fall in love ,.. or, you know, something less saccharine -sounding.   That includes the song Fireworks by Animal Collective.  I went ballistic they played this one. Easily one of my favorites by them:

During this song the crowd moved me next to this Spanish guy who was belting out the lyrics as much as I was.  So we didn’t start a whirlwind romance or psh, fall in love.  But we did share a moment where we locked eyes and realized that this was exactly where we needed and wanted to be and screamed the lyrics in each other’s faces and maybe freak-danced a little, shook our hair out, sweat profusely, all that good stuff.  Enjoying the music and going balls-out nuts.  I’m pretty sure I danced like a toddler… a toddler with rhythm.  That’s how concerts should feel! UNH!

And now I’ll leave you with one last thing.  Because they are so fine and so sweet, especially to bike ride to school in the morning, the lyrics to “Daily Routine.”  It’s been released for awhile but I highly, HIGHLY recommend Merriweather Post Pavillion, particularly the above songs and my personal favorite that they didn’t play called “Bluish.”   Animal Collective has grown up so much and it’s pretty apparent in the evolution of their melodic arrangment, in the way they use their voices are instrumets (not far from the way The Beach Boys do), and in their words:

Just a sec more in my bed
Hope my machine’s working right
When it’s just precisely tuned
That shit’s gonna be so nice

Make sure my kid’s got a jacket
Keys and coat and shoes and hat
Strap a stroller to my back
Bouncing along every crack

What good is it to make it fast
Sing a song to pass the playground
What can I do as traffic pass
Guard my girl from muffler’s black gas
What can I do to make it fast
Pop a jump but not too hard
And we’ll end up at the ramp
Stop and look at the traffic signal

That’s it!  Phew-ee.  That was a lot.

Everyday here is a red-letter day.  Speaking of colors and Animal Collective, if you get what I did there with the title, you get a cookie.

I wish you were here.

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