Don’t S-Elle Yourself Short

By: epluribusgeenum

Jul 12 2009

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Just finished up a new blog, “What Elles?” on the VENT blog.  I figure I’m in Paris and it’s jampacked with museums… I’d be remiss not to write anything about it!    There’s an art exhibit that I think many of you five people who read this blog would enjoy a peep at.  Loosely speaking it’s an exposé on feminist art at Le Centre Pompidou, the world famous modern art museum in Central Paris.  It’s no ground-breaking writing but you know.  A lady’s gotta VENT.  I don’t know why I put all caps in VENT each time I type it.  See?  I did it again.  Out of control.
Here’s an excerpt:
Guerilla Girls are also fond of using statistics. About 58% of the time statistics are lies or twisted in a way to make your argument work. Who cares! In my opinion a progressive feminist doesn’t get her jollies from making men feel bad by naming all their follies or making comparisons…. a truly progressive woman–and I use the word woman rather than “feminist” with purpose–will render men on their knees simply because she is above all of that and is better than them on her own accord.  Or she is simply outside the whole thing.  Woman are one thing, men are another.  A peach shouldn’t get furious because I indulge in bananas more often.  No. That peach would be better off knowing it’s better-tasting in a cobbler than a banana will ever be!

One comment on “Don’t S-Elle Yourself Short”

  1. Yeah…that cobbler bit was legit.
    I think I’m going to start commenting over there under lots of different names. It will look like a crazy club party rather than a dinner for two….or one. I assume when fall rolls around (hopefully) things will pick up. I mean y’all will be able to explode cause there will actually be people around, get some guerilla advertising/propaganda going on, etc. Till then, keep peddling (haha, or pedaling)! You’re awesome!
    Thanks for doing all this, while your in France too! Many props for work ethic. Have fun!

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