All Aboard the Diabetes Train, choo choo!

By: epluribusgeenum

Jul 09 2009

Category: paris

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It’s been a week that I’ve been living off of bread, cheese, and sandwich-like variations of the former two foods. If you thought that the sandwich is underrated in America, this place could make you think the exact opposite. I can’t keep telling myself that apple tarts and wine are enough to keep Ol’ Man Scurvy away. Grocery shopping is in order tonight and so is spending lots of time in the produce section. Speaking of produce and shopping, my friend came across some pantyliners that were avocado-scented. Avocado. In your pantalones. Can you mix and match with tomato and garlic pantyliners and make some crotchamole? Have I crossed the line? Yes, maybe, yes.

Also I really like this routine of making lunch the night before. It’s so splendidly bourgeouis, and that’s an splendidly snobby thing to say. So is the word splendid. Sometimes I eat pistachios for breakfast on the way to school, when I’m waiting at stop lights. Being on my bike I can just kind of throw the shells on the ground Hansel and Gretel style (although everything here is one way so it would hardly serve as a trail back). I know that’s almost trashy, ALMOST, YOU HEAR?, but they have such excellent daily road clean-up (I have to dodge them everyday!) I figure I’m just contributing to making their job worthwhile.


One comment on “All Aboard the Diabetes Train, choo choo!”

  1. I absolutely love this post. Especially the crotchamole…fucking hilarious. I never saw the avocado scented pantyliners while I was there…but I did part-take in the pastry and sandwich love affair! Sounds like you’re having fun..please keep blogging so I can live vicariously through you. : )

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