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By: epluribusgeenum

Jul 08 2009

Category: paris

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I’m tired and should have been asleep earlier. Typical! But I told myself I would accomplish many things today and blogging is one of them.

I saw the new Woody Allen film at a theatre called the Pagoda today with my new friend from class, Rebecca. It only had two theatre rooms, and here’s a fun bit of history: apparently the building was commissioned by a wealthy couple… and the wife fell in love with the architect after construction and ran away with him. Oh, French people. The audience clapped at the end, too! I do that in American movie theatres just to be funny but this was in all seriousness. Splendid seriousness!

I drank champagne on the edge of the canal this evening and mused about life with Rebecca. She trusted me with opening the champagne. Lucky for her I don’t overthink things like opening champagne bottles and worrying about silly things like corks that go flying and almost hit bicyclists that are more than 20 feet away. Man that thing could soar! I also got to practice some of my very elementary Spanish when a guy who didn’t speak a lick of French asked for help deciphering the results of his MRI papers… Can you imagine being in a city where you’re sick and you can’t understand the language enough to help yourself get better? That’s so sad! I know a bit of Spanish from simply living in Texas and from this one week where I was all, “I’m going to learn Spanish!” The retention was enough to communicate somewhat effectively although it still easily counts as one of the most defective conversations I’ve ever had. The ability for people to traverse cultures and languages and still get ideas across though — AMAZING. It really astounds me. The thing I felt the most comfortable saying though was “Necessito el bano, buenos noches” and I probably butchered the grammar, but man did me and my really-need-to-go dance mean it.

And as of today the ghetto, sketchy areas of Paris have been explored by yours truly. Let’s just say if I ever wanted to get a hair weave, I know where to go. I know at least 10 places to go within a 5 minute walk down a single boulevard. Awe-inspiring. I should get separate weaves for my armpits and my legs.

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