I Spend Most of My Time Here

By: epluribusgeenum

Jul 06 2009


Category: paris


Here’s a tour of the kitchen in Paris, fools. I’m sitting at the table right now, staying up later than I should on a school night (what’s new!) and listening to some thunder rumbling. Rain tomorrow? Maybers?

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t go on a crazy shopping spree for kitchen appliances and set up shop to live here forever. The program I’m with (CEA) is one bomb-ass program. I couldn’t have asked for better. The moment I walked in the door I let out a wee cry out of happiness. Maybe a tear was shed, maybe a scar was developed on my chin from all the jaw-dropping, maybe a pee was had in the pants. Gross. Also, do enjoy the bags under my eyes… it’s hard to stay asleep in this city… just… so… awesome.

In other news, I really, really miss my dog. Oh man =( I mean, oh, dog.
I am seriously getting lamer as the days go by.

4 comments on “I Spend Most of My Time Here”

  1. ur not getting lamer as the days go by, ur just realizing how coo shit can be… which in turn makes u cooler. realizing beauty in the simple things including change makes u cool, not lame (atleast in my fogged up eyes), unless of course u were attempting a humbly dry nouveau francofluenced brand of comedy that i am completely oblivious to. regardless its inspiring to c the differen t things that have made ur visit enjoyable to learn about

  2. thank ya byron. what a lovely name you have! =)

  3. Psst. You should go on a crazy shopping spree for appliances.

    Oh also, I left you something in Paris, as you suggested.

    Head over to 72 rue Bonaparte, 75006.
    You’ll see a black, mad discreet place labeled Pierre Herme Paris. Go in and ask the chick at the counter for a macaron box called tout le monde.

    I paid ol’ Pierre for the box already, but man he’s shady, I wouldn’t doubt he’d make you pay again.

    Reluctantly do so and enjoy the best dessert in the land.

    • jimmy! you shoulnd’t have… but i am very very glad that you did. i’ll check it out tomorrow before school. it better be what i think it is… michael jackson’s heart.

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