Call it Wishy-Washy, I Call It Adjusting Myself

By: epluribusgeenum

Jul 02 2009

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Last night I thought about Love, (vague, right?) and how I don’t want much to do with it anymore, how it was a habit I didn’t need, blardy blar blah.  Then I watched a movie called Jeux d’Enfants before I went to bed and that rearranged a few things in my brain.  THEN today I was exploring by myself and walked by a quick succession of images that instantly melted that frigid bitch that’s trying to plant a seed in my heart.  Because a picture is worth 1000 words, I really really really wish I had the speed, the battery power, and the skill to capture those moments.  But words will have to suffice.

First, I nearly tripped myself watching a couple swing their kid (hopefully their kid) between them, holding his limbs akimbo.  He was laughing his head off and as they traversed the crosswalk the parents gave each other this knowing look, closed their eyes, and kissed with earnest while smiling.  So not only is that skillfull but it’s romantic as hell.  Second!  I passed by a cafe where a couple was having a cup.  The girl had her chin down and looked so forlorn.  Her boyfriend tucked his thumb under her chin, looked her in the eye, and used the same thumb to wipe away a tear.  Awww!  You think that’s sappy?  It gets worse!  Lastly, I saw an elderly couple walking together, with their feeble wrinkly arms around each others shoulders, just… yeah, just walking.  That about did it with them.  God bless old couples.  They must really know how to love if they’re still together, eh?  And the whole time I was listening to Daft Punk – Make Love to boot.  That was kind of a weird soundtrack to all of that because the song slightly reminds me of swingy porno music, but it would be like, a sweet porno with a storyline and perhaps no sex at all, just kissing — plus I really like that song so who cares!

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