Land of Le Smoking

By: epluribusgeenum

Jul 01 2009

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I watched the sun set and saw the Eiffel Tower sparkle last night:



It may or may not be necessary to say that I can totally see the Eiffel Tower doing its thing from my bedroom window.  And that there was an obligatory drum circle/acoustic guitar/youth jam session happening while we drank wine and talked.

Now that I’ve made the conscious decision to quit smoking, there’s no quitting in quitting.  Imagine if you were in my situation, though. Paris.  Walking to get anywhere.  Seeing beautiful people everywhere smoking.  People who don’t have wrinkles or if they do, they make it look good, smoking.  Children, dogs, le smoking!  Okay, not really the last two.  But still!  It is difficult.  Having it be that much more prevalent and having temptation stare me in the face is pretty damn empowering, though.  Plus, cigarettes are 4,80 euros, which translates to let’s see, more than I’m willing to spend even on toilet paper for something that’s going to damage my body.  (Although 2-ply is not exactly body-friendly if you know what I mean <eyebrow jiggle>).

Forget you, cigarettes! You think you’re being cute and sly by tacking on the “-ette” to your “cigar” but I see right through you.  Cute without the E is more like it.  Thank you Taking Back Sunday.  I’m Taking Back Several Days now that I won’t be smoking my lungs to hell in a handbasket and tacking days off my life.

Another rampant theme that’s APPARENTLY associated with this city is love.  Another thing I’m quitting.  Ah, not like it’s a habit or a gym membership.  But in those respects I’m not going to let fleeting buzzes harm me nor will I subscribe or attend.  What struck me most at the CEA orientation yesterday was that one, the majority was comprised of girls.  Two, those girls were pretty insistent on asking questions about how to date or how to even approach the question of guys here.  I’m thinking, What the?  This is study abroad! Not Study like a Broad!  I guess what I’m trying to say is that yes, this is the City of Love, but I’m looking for something else… despite all the hotties with lean bodies that I see everyday–seriously. it’s like a candy store– I just don’t feel any need for that.  Especially considering this is a limited-time program and whirlwind romances make absolutely no sense to me.  (I mean have you ever seen Before Sunset? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that tries as hard as that one.  I watched it for about 30 minutes and had to turn it off.  I think that makes me bad at being a girl or something.)  Come to think of it, dating people I don’t know doesn’t really make sense to me either.  And I guess I still don’t know how to make dating people I do know work out.  At least I know what I want out of a relationship now but those desires are packed away for safe-keeping.  Preservation.  Aaaand this is why I will die alone.  Alone and smart!  My diploma will keep me warm at night.

Woops.  There’s no way I’m going to end my post on a sour note like that.  I did see a couple yesterday making out in a Metro car as it whizzed by and they were in a nation of love, population two.  At least it made me smile rather than frown or complain.  So that’s still intact, the enjoying of love.  Ummm, what else.  I’ve started eating chocolate before I go to bed every night!  It makes me happy and perhaps increasingly chubby.  I lub you, chocolate.

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