Free your mind and the rest will follow! Be color blind, don’t be so shallow!

I’m pretty sure I’ve used that En Vogue blurb many a time.  Once already here on this blog… and once I scrawled it on a tiny piece of paper and left it for my friends to find in their jam room.  It’s an important message, okay!  Besides En Vogue is reuniting or something. “Prejudice, wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it go!”

Prejudice.  Someone made a video about it.  Like to see it?  Here it go! 🙂  Thanks to Jamie.

Does she know you like her?

No.  I keep it a secret!


I don’t want the whole world to know!

Dark skin/milky skin prejudice in Asian countries.  It’s just as rampantly prevalent as any color-charged hatred here … and JUST as ignorant.  Love conquers all, fools!  Take it from what I suspect was one of the darkest wise men in history (with apparently one of the coolest daughters ever):

Why will you take by force what you may obtain by love?

+ Chief Powhatan, 1609

And thanks to Jordan for that quotable gem.


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