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Jun 26 2009

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I saved up to ship my bike overseas.  There’s just no way I’m going to be in Paris over the rest of the summer without my bike… especialy while Tour de France is going on.  However, it seems my parents do not necessarily agree that paying upwards from $300 to do so is logical or a smart way to spend my money. Point taken.  Besides, that’s an arm and a leg.  And I need both my legs to bicycle.

Here is my Plan B.  According to American Airlines baggage allowance, if I can get my bike to fit within a 62 in. dimension and weigh less than 50 pounds, I can take sweet lil’ Jade (that’s her name.  I named it.  Whatever.)  with me to France as free checked baggage. I’ll just have to be frugal with my other piece of checked baggage.  Sacrifice.  It builds character.

Well thank goodness for a small frame, straight bars, and dad’s toolbox. Now comes the clever packing, the stuffing, and the hoping.  I will need to take the entire bike apart and put it back together when I get to France.  I will just need the proper tools to do so… this is going to be a pretty special endeavor, but it will be worth it when I feel the French air whizzing in my hair and whispering into my ear, “It was worth it!  Totally worth it!  Okay, don’t die!”

Oh yeah and some dude named Michael Jackson died today.  Just kidding.  He died yesterday.  Okay, he was a pretty big part of our culture, he is appreciated, and I care about any loss of life, but man did he get weird.  Understandably so.  I can’t imagine what being in his shoes would be like.  I’m half-expecting, like many of you probably are, for him to pop out and say “Just kidding!  I’m still alive.  Hee-hoo!”

I googled and this was the best one I found! (originally found here)

Rest in peace, Prince of Pop.  (Whenever I heard that I always thought about soda, which doesn’t make too much sense because I think of soda as “soda,” not “pop.”  Although if I had a bottle of pop I’d spill a few for my homeboy.) Thank you, Michael, for the antics, for frequently invading my nightmares, and for all the creativity and spirit you’ve contributed to music.  He made such cheesy, but positive songs.  Despite the negative flack surrounding children I’d happily let my kid listen to “We are the World” or “Black or White” any time over say, Bubba Sparxxx’s Ms. New Booty.

Aaaand here come a wave of distasteful jokes about his heart and song titles like “Beat it” for the next several weeks.

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