A Job Well-Spun

By: epluribusgeenum

Jun 24 2009

Category: Art

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There are few things that are more impossibly inspiring than turning a favorite past time into.. well… something.


by Brighton-based Cardigan,

whose work reminds me of the kind of framed knitwork a kooky great-aunt would have hanging around, except this is way more whimsical and inspiring to the tummy to view than would be the stitched message: “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.”


by Subversive Cross Stitch,

who doesn’t just sell you the work — they sell you the kit, and make you do the work!  Which is awesome, because then one’s prosperity can cherish that much more.  But most importantly you can count on the day your future generation will ressurrect this gem from a dusty box in the attic, blow off the dust and say, wistfully:, “Ah yes.  My great-grandmother stitched this.  Pussy got me dizzay, indeed.”  By that time I imagine “pussy” might be phased out as a nasty word anyway.  It’d be like a historical inside joke… but no one around would really get it.  Hmm…. if no one’s around to laugh, is it still funny?  Yes the answer is yes.

Personally though, after viewing a lot of the stockd kits, I’d like to see more cleverness, or at least just good ol’ fashioned weirdness, and less throwing the F-bomb around.  Come on.


by a most likely bored and extremely patient person in San Francisco,

it makes me wonder if there’s a matching jumper cable-knitted.

Eh, eh?

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