Feed Us a Late-us

By: epluribusgeenum

Jun 17 2009

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There is absolutely nothing clever about that title. Moving on.

Feed Us a Fetus has played two more shows since the very first one at the Revolution in Downtown Bryan. We played at the Stafford, a blooming venue that’s also located in Bryan’s sweet spot, with our friend Marshall of Warbler. Directly before us was a band dubbed Hollywood Black representing Houston. They reminded me of a Tapes ‘n Tapes except not as soft and more prone to trip over each other on stage and turn it into a rock n’ roll move. Smooth.

My parents came to this one. They drove all the way out from Dallas and then left promptly after. One of these days they will turn into better night owls… I hear you need less sleep as you get older. I hear. But it was understandable. Jacob also came and it was so good to see his face while I was playing. There ain’t nothing like fam fam to make you not give a damn damn!



Next stop:  Austin for Warbler’s CD release shindig.  It was hot.  Like sweaty in places-you-weren’t-fully-aware-there-were-pores hot.  And also hot as in the hot in PHAT.



DSC01948 DSC01945

Clockwise from top left: 1) Aww yeah, let’s get it started!  2) Carlos’ sweaty ringlet is the source of his power  3) Seth!  You lose your glasses when you are rockin’ out too just hard enough  4) Sax-o-ma-phoooone!  My bandmates are so multi-talented.

DSC01943 DSC01973

1) Pretty carrie… she generally shows me up in the wardrobe department.  I think I was going for insane hobo?  (I mean I have drawn-on cat whiskers…)   2) Yesssssss.

DSC01991 DSC01956

DSC01994 DSC01946

Clockwise from top left: 1) Hey those people are dancing!  Hey I know those people!  2) Sean is either giving signals to somebody, inventing a new dance move, is pointing someone in the direction of the bathroom  3)  See what I mean about multi-talented?  4) I play with my fingers AND my hair

DSC01940 DSC01996 DSC02000

Ahh, friends.   Such a range of expressions!  1) The camera mistress and her mistress.  2)  Brent and Blaine are mugging so hard they broke my camera  3) Ty, Joel, and Ian.  They said they liked the music… but I know they love each other even more.

Circlebirds played a kickass show as well, for the part that I saw.  They will be on tour soon across the lower eastern portion of America, so put on your dancing shoes and go see them!  Unfortunately before their Austin set was over I was whisked away by my pals and at several distinct points afterward, we got extra silly, had a jam session where I actually got the swing of a drumset (I attribute it to the not-water I was drinking) and we ate samosas at 3 am.  Good, good, good night.  I am missing some photos with some people … this will be a reminder to be more diligent in that department!

2 comments on “Feed Us a Late-us”

  1. Gee-dub! Yes, I took that liberty. : )
    So I’m going to be attending good old rival UT these next couple years meaning I will be in Austin…meaning, I want to see your band next time you roll through. Anywhos, holla if you come to Austin again, hopefully I can talk peeps into being there too. I will plug you any time!
    OH! Speaking of, I have a newborn blog and you are in my links list. Feel proud. haha Lata and peace.

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