Animalarky: Letter C

This one’s a slight cheat and a two-for.

This first one is simply nurture versus nature… and nurture wins hands down. Possibly one of the best examples of human/animal interaction I could come up with, so I’m going to ignore the fact that Lion starts with an L and not a C. C is for … Cat! And Christian! Christian the Lion takes a cue from Simba and “remembers who he is.” He was raised by two men who found him cramped in a cage, on sale at Harrod’s. (Really? That happens?)

Spoiler alert! The best part of this clip: IT’S A HUG. FROM A LION. So basically his former caretakers, John Rendall or Ace Berg, which is an awesome name and also sounds like Ice Berg but with a speech impediment, can be all, “I’ma sick a lion on yo ass!” whenever needed.

Come to think of it, the best part of this clip could actually be the song it’s set to.  Two words: Whitney Houston.

And this second one I’ve just been listening to a lot and the band is named Caribou. Whatevs.

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