Yesterday’s Playlist

And now it’s Broadly Vague (but not Vaguely Broad) Question Time!

Q: What is music to you?


  • my hot, hot sex (c) CSS?  Maaaaybe.  Whatever that means.
  • A trusty timer for exactly 4 minute and 32 second showers and perfect boiled eggs?  You know it.
  • A biking/work-out partner?  Aww yeah.
  • A way to make money doing something you love so that it doesn’t even matter how much money you make?  You bet your bottom dollar!

       Come have fun!  I think there won’t be any cover, actually.  That may be a rumor.  Bring money just to be ballin’ anyway.

  • A mood lifter?

I go up in a bad mood because I overslept and got to a late start.  Then all day it was a mood rollercoaster.  The key to switching moods is listening to music…  thing is I forget that for the first thirty minutes.  Grumplepuss extraordinaire.  I find this to be a fair cure for the grumps everyday.  Everyone has their thing.  The things I literally cannot get enough of are music, fruit, infectious laughter, and maybe Jimmy John’s sub sandwiches.  Once I started hyperventilating after my mp3 player ran out.  That MAY have had something to do with the fact that I had pulled an all nighter and was delirious.  But it also makes sense.  It gives you something to concentrate on.  In between driving with the windows down and listening to music and getting all that I had to get done yesterday, I think what kept frustrating me was feeling so free driving but not feeling like I had a home to go to after I was done. 

Home feels good.

Music feels like home.

The best days I have are the ones where I am up early enough to hear birds sing in a chorus at sunrise.  Sometimes it means you’re sleeping in a tree… which I’ve done before.  But it also means those birds are singing outside your window.  YOUR window.  It’s like waking up to your own Disney movie.  You can’t be in a bad mood when you hear birds freakin’ serenading the whole neighbrhood and you have a front row seat!

You can no longer be in a bad mood when you hear these in this order:


1:54 PM // Architecture in Helsinki – It’5!

1:55:34 PM // Chill out, dance, flail limbs about in a frustrated manner

1:57 PM // Badly Drawn Boy – Fall in a River

2:00 PM // Study abroad paper work and internship searching arggrgrghh thump.  Gag.  Gurgle.

4:01 PM // The Polyphonic Spree – Hold Me Now

He started the day with a mood and a shake he was finally arranged.  Somebody said with a cold hard chest you’re a mess!


So true.  I held myself.

And then the cherry on top was the soundtrack at Sunset-ish:

  • Beach Boys – Good Vibrations
  • Minus the Bear – Pachuca Sunrise
  • Deerhunter – Little Kids
  • The Cure – Love Song
  • Stars – What the Snowman Learned About Love

Basically? Music is my boyfriend.

You also can’t be in a bad mood while watching a Jackie Chan movie.

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