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Jun 08 2009

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Text I just got from my mom:

“I just clean your hair from the bathtub please cut your hair or shampoo better”

So now she doesn’t have to nag my little brother by proxy .. she can just send those snarky snippets right at me!  Awesome.

My mom only recently joined the text club.   She was against it for a very, very long time.  Which proves that so long as we persist, my siblings and I can get her to do anything.  Next move:  Freak dancing.

2 comments on “LMOMAO”

  1. today my mom told me, “you have big eyes, so you have to be careful – when you get mad your eyes look very threatening.” really? why, thank you!

  2. really? i figured big eyes were good for looking surprised. and threatening eyes were when you narrow them. she’s got it all backwards.

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