“Geena, do you REALLY love life, or are you just naming the first thing you see and then saying you love it?”

By: epluribusgeenum

Jun 08 2009

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I love life. (nods) I love life.

Things are looking swell and they just keep getting better.  And I just snagged the last seat left on a flight to Paris… it was worth an ugly penny?  Which I guess is the opposite of a pretty penny… which I could’ve just simply said “It was cheap.”  But homegirl don’t play things like that.   

Phew, I am pooped!  I have much to say… this was kind of a pointless post.  I just really needed to get that good feeling out there.  Consider this a prelude of posts to come?  Yes. 

On the list of subjects to cover because these things leak out of my brain:

  • recent Feed Us a Fetus concert at the Stafford … and Feed Us a Fetus in general
  • trip to Tonkawa Falls for Lucas’s birthday
  • the magic of guilty (or not-so-guilty) musical pleasures like Third Eye Blind in the summer
  • preparing for study abroad

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