Like covering up a zit with glitter

Today is the anniversary of Tiannanmen Square.  Important, obviously.  But why?  

In any other context, what this student did would be downright stupid.  In this context, it is purely heroic.  His heroism stems from the idea of so-called Western-influenced individuality that China is notorious for clamping down on.  (Japan and Korea are also other countries that come to mind).  It’s honorable in these countries to serve your country by mass, to reject standing out and to embrace being one big whole.  

As dumb as this blogging thing gets sometimes, the fact that I have the RIGHT to blog about whatever I want — BEAUTIFUL.  I can visit anything, I can link to anything, I can share and consume information to my liking.   And I was thinking how I need to learn to self-edit.   Looking back on one of my most recent posts, it’s clear that the post that day was for my appreciation only.  It’s a doozy.  It’s long and pretty self-involved.  Well, who isn’t?  But it is crucial to figure what is appropriate for me to write about myself, because I’m completely in charge of who I am, what I learn, and how I present myself.  And I appreciate that so much it keeps me awake at night.  I can write about anything pretty unabashedly… it’s just a matter of censorship.  

Oy.  That word.  I winced when I typed it.  Hate it.   It’s like a dirty word.  Censorship for your own good on your own accord is where it’s at.  But censorship by your government?  At every corner?  Super Orwellian creepy.  

Beijing has been censoring the crap out of any mention of Tiannamen Square.  If you were surfing the net in China right now, you might lose your mind — connections to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are … um… missing.  So to speak.  Watch a BBC news report in Beijing and as soon as the words “Tiannamen Square” leave a reporter’s mouth, your TV will black screen and automatically switch to another channel.  I can’t make this stuff up.  

CNN correspondant John Vause was literally blocked by Chinese officials with umbrellas when he reported from the Square.  But the officials do it in such a disturbing and asinine way.   Umbrellas! 

Twenty years.  20 years. 

Twenty years and China is still hung up on covering up a giant mistake they made.  Talk about drawing more attention… this is what I mean when I say it’s like covering up a giant zit with glitter.  I’m not going to pronounce any names here but there was a certain country that is doing pretty well for itself after showing remorse in nearly every outlet for a horrendous crime committed by a certain someone with a certain goofy mustache and a certain bloodthirsty hatred for the global Jewish population. To the point where it is a serious crime worthy of prison time if you deny the Holocaust ever happened.  And here China can neither admit to their bloody faults nor did they respect the lives and minds of their own people.  

Sometimes “Deny ’til you die” just isn’t funny anymore.  Their anthem should be “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy… although probably with some lyrical tweakage.  Unless China was caught buck naked banging on the bathroom floor by its significant other, then, no need.

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