after mouthfuls of comments along the lines of “it will change your life” and “if you don’t see it for yourself you will surely die”, i had to do it.

it being seeing the cinematic phenomenon that is star trek.  i haven’t felt that good after watching a movie in a long time.  and if i’m paying $9.50 aka extortion prices as my friend gloria recently groused about so cleverly on her blog,  it better be some solid visual GOLD, dammit.  other than the fact that james kirk needs to devise some sort of toolbelt that will keep him from having to hold onto the edges of things for dear life while an opponent stands over his very vulnerable fingers … seriously that happened like three times, i’ve come to one very important conclusion:

spock is a sexy, galactic beast.  dude has got it going on.  ol’ pointy ears makes legolas look downright stupid!

let’s get real though, that picture makes them look like some weird, smug gay couple.  not that i’d mind.  i think their chests are touching nip-to-nip in this photo.

i will now take some time to get this urge to cat-call (to no one in particular but with spock in mind) out of my system, channeling the spirit of leon phelps, the ladies’ man:

  • yeeeah, i’d spock boots with him;
  • he can break my mattress and my spockspring anytime;
  • i’m ‘unna make a sound investment in the spock market;
  • it’s spock o’ clock …. that’s not really sensual in nature but i just thought i’d throw that out there;
  • the only music i wanna make is spock n’ roll;
  • he can play my keys like johann sebastian spock;
  • i have a taste for spockasians;
  • what’s for dinner? OH, slow cooked sexiness that’s been simmering in the spockpot alllll day long;
  • my honeymoon’s gonna be in bangspock, thailand;
  • the only monster i want in my lake is the spockness monster
  • there’s one really obvious one but i’ll let you just fill in the blank ______________

aaaaaand i’m spent.

3 comments on “soooo”

  1. tsk tsk… original trekkies like me would say we would love to mind-meld with spock any time…woowoowoo! sure, zachary quinto is wham-bam-damn-fine in his own 6’2″ dark, soft brown-eyed rights, but for some strange reason, i find leonard nimoy’s spock more tantalizing…rawr. live long and prosper my way, green-blooded lovelies.

  2. i was not an original trekkie. i watched captain picard and his cronies. i think whenever the original star trek came on it would give me the heebie jeebies for some reason. what a mistake!

  3. “spock is a sexy, galactic beast.”


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