Creative yuices are flowin’, mayn

By: epluribusgeenum

May 29 2009

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The night I came back into Dallas, my baby broseph and I moseyed over to the Granada to see The Octopus Project with opening act This Will Destroy You.

[Random side story time, probably the best part of that night: when we pulled up to the parking lot attendant, we gave him our due 8 bucks and he responded with a dry, “Thank you. You now have exactly one minute before This Will Destroy You.” .. it took several seconds for the real meaning of what he said to register. I thought the fool was threatening us.]

Okay! So Octopus Project. Not only does this band have fantastic energy and have such obvious musical and performance chemistry with each other, they make their shows completely their own. It’s inspiring to say the least. I’m not sure who does all the artwork or makes the props/videos. I haven’t really researched that. But I do know that I like it and I want to do something like it, too.

Peep some of my favorite shots from that night. There are more on my Flickr photostream.

Can't Stop Won't Stop Octop-eller Records.. He get down, baby, he get down.  If you haven't ever listened to that golden Young Gunz classic, that won't make very much sense.

And here’s a video, why not! I took a lot of video actually… and there was some digital recording in my pocket action alllll night long. Apparently the Gra-not-a theatre (I spell it that way to avoid google surfers and tag foragers from flagging my video… and because it’s clever as hell) has something against video taping because they have their own Youtube account. You know what I say to that? Bah! Psh! Poppycock! Since when did I ever listen to someone when they said “No”? Particularly a theatre where I didn’t sign shit agreeing to not take videos?

This is “I Saw the Bright Shinies” complete with theramin, an attempt at creative capturing, head bobbing, and annoying talking during the show. [What compels people to do that. C’mon.]

So I am currently working on a stop-motion project video for a song by Feed Us a Fetus… tentatively titled “Popped Hearts and Popped Tarts.” Or at least that’s what I hope it will be called.. for now it is known as “Toaster song.” Not much zing to that one. =) But now that I feel like there’s some blossoms on what I’m going to call my musical limb — going out on a limb on that one — I want to get back to my roots, the creative outlet I am most comfortable with — visuals. My creative fellow Katie Smither, former editor/producer/babe extraordinaire of VENT, a Texas A&M School of Architecture publication I was recently published in, would be so proud. Whaaa Architecture? Whatcha doin’ in there, Geebsie Pants? Y’know, I couldn’t really tell you, but I got mixed in with those kids somehow and I like what I’ve seen, who I’ve met, and where it’s led me.

It is a first attempt at many a thing, many a thing. I’m coming into it with amateur skill and a basic idea of what I want… but I’m sure I will leave with a headache and a sore butt from being beaten by the logistics and mathematics of making such a video. Get ready to see something reaaaaal special.

3 comments on “Creative yuices are flowin’, mayn”

  1. Please don’t ever refer to your younger brother as Broseph, let alone “baby broseph”, that just sounds cringing. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t admire the title so much either.

  2. hey “anon,” if you aren’t my “baby broseph,” i’m afraid i can’t take your advice. whether or not he admires what i call him has nothing to do with it. the word is meant facetiously because i have respect for him and none for true paragons of the term. it’s like when homegirls call each other “bitch” — obviously, there is no ounce of truth; it’s a term of endearment.

    if he ever becomes a bonafide Broseph in action, i will kick his baby ass.

  3. hey, that’s my voice in the beginning of your video.

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