“Free your mind and the rest will follow

Be color blind, don’t be so shallow!”

– En Vogue, who are REUNITING, according to my friend Michele who thought it important to inform me and she was RIGHT.

House minority leader (that second word “minority” gets better as the story goes along) Republican John Boehner was called out by President Obama at one of them there correspondent suppers in that there White House. He is tan as they come… except he didn’t come that way. He likes to sun himself into a “person of color.” (Boehner, you get that god-like tan cause you want to! Shooot.) Anyway my point is Obama messes with people and I like it. The president also, on numerous occasions, has encouraged Americans to make careers out of their passions and what they love — to become something more than a country full of workers. We ain’t the USSR, okay.

Whether or not you are an Obama supporter, hopefully the endeavor to make a life and not a living… or let’s at least say a living out of a life-long passion, is a worthwhile and always feasible goal. As a college student a finger’s length away from her undergraduate diploma, I am scared to death about what I will do in the future, especially considerng the economy’s in bad shape. (Go on a diet and get some exercise, economy.) But so far this is my plan — to incorporate all the things I love into a seamless production as best as I can. Sometimes I feel so all over the place that I feel like a Jack of All Trades, and that sucks. But you do the best with what you are made of, and I’ve found that I learn and communicate the best visually, through color and written word. It is the reason why my pen is mightier than my sword (although come fall I’ll be working on that in Fencing meeheeehee). I do like learning about language, communication, making music though, and I like learning from others as well as teaching other people. I guess all those can be lassoed by the realm of communication if you think about it.

If there is some way I can be either a teacher and shove as many facts in the curriculum, plus language, plus music, plus visual aids… or be a musical artist who makes songs mainly for children (but also for adults) that teach about, well, life, to be incredibly general about it and vague, that would be better than that other thing.

Tra-lala-la down childhood memory lane with me.

I can’t… even… express how much I feel for this video. I used to watch this video a lot in highschool… not sure why. But after a conversation tonight with my friend John, it now it puts 2 + 2 together so seamlessly, it is like it plucked a tangled idea from my head and shook it all out, combed it through, and put it back where it came from.

The human brain sees only one octave of color.”

That makes so much sense!

R O Y G B I V.

A B C D E F G.


What’s even cooler is that early today I asked my friend Bryan what he thought about this conjecture: if music is a language, are key signatures different dialects? And are dynamics like different accents? It’s beyond me to try to match up elements of music and language but I still try. So interesting.

Color has its harmony and just as I have said — Red yellow green red blue blue blue red purple green yellow orange red. Red!”

Just like colors blend… chords blend, notes blend, and melodies go with harmonies.

Because of what I’ve learned the fact that I have to move out in a few days does not stressing out one bit. Just need some music and five minute water coloring sessions. Okay, maybe I’m stressing just a leeeeeettle. I have the worst focus ever.

One comment on ““Free your mind and the rest will follow”

  1. So I am going to try to check up on your blog. Because I can and because we should push each other to be better, even though you’ve met me once. bwahaha, I love life.
    I raised by high pitched vocals to that song ALL the time when I was little. Just thought I’d let you know.
    ALSO Vito Acconci, famous artist, architect, and poet, recently did a series of videos in which he claimed that architecture and music serve the same function. Watch them, but be warned…he was CRAYZAY in the 60’s-70’s, crazy but brilliant.


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