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By: epluribusgeenum

May 17 2009

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I only want to define the thing when the thing isn’t clear. For instance, in that sentence right there. There are a few things that I need to expand upon.

This is my ride, y’all. I have a destination in mind and you are the passengers. I hope you like my music selection and how good I am at recklessly driving… but don’t be a passenger seat driver. You can give me directions, okay– that makes you a co-pilot. But do not be a passenger seat driver.

I blog to get my thoughts out. In highschool I liked to make my blog about 75% for myself and the other 25% was bells and whistles and solid grammar and elaborate explanations so that you knew what I was talking about. It was just how I wrote. Ideally, since this blog is both an endeavor for personal growth and career growth, working out my writing style is one of my number one goals, which means 100% of it will be for me. I haven’t reached the pinnacle of that style–if I’m worth anything I will constantly evolve and improve. Which basically means that because I’m not spelling everything out for you, you might be left scratching your head (or if you’re awesome, stroking your chin after figuring it out). I don’t ask for an audience, but apparently you guys are there (hey guys!) and I just want you to know. I’m not trying to be illustrious, I just want to write so that I’m not just shelling out all my meaning in one fell swoop. Where would be the fun in that?

So my next point is this: Because I am blogging with the intention of satisfying my own creative impulses, if I offend you or you feel like you have been talked about, it is unnecessary and beside the point to worry yourself about it. I’m not going to relegate the things I want to talk about here into the confines of my personal journal. For that reason, I write about deeply-involved issues in my written book and for all the thoughts on the deep/shallow cusp I jot down here. Uhh, well let’s not call it shallow. We’ll call it selectively deep. 🙂

That being said, when my friends read my blog, I love feedback and commentary. But since this is my personal blog, I invite personal comments ON the actual website. There is no need to message me or e-mail me. It doesn’t bug me or anything, it just makes more sense. I enjoy clever comments as much as the next guy but if you have something substance-filled, start a discussion here! This is where the subject matter lies. And if you want to talk about it in real life, chances are, we already have! This is where you get to plug in links/sources that you want to send me.

One more thing. I will not apologize for anything I write on here… I feel compelled to say that. But it is most important that YOU do not feel like you have to apologize for what I’ve called you out on. I’m just sorting things out. And since I understand things most easily through analogies, I’ll spell it out like this. Let’s say you were rummaging through my fridge and you found something you wanted to eat. You ask me if you can some of it, and I say, “Yes, of course.” You take it out and then you ask me what to do with it. “Should I make a parfait? Does sausage even go good with strawberries?” This is where I would say, you know, “If you like what you’ve found in there, take it, but don’t ask me what to do with it. Make something out of it of your own accord.”


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