There are people who watch things happen

By: epluribusgeenum

May 14 2009

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Category: 3&5 for 3x5

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and there are people that make things happen.
Which one will you be?

I wrote a new 3×5 in the Academic Building foyer at dawn before I went all cray-cray:

My noises’ highs and lows wrap me in loving elbows
Voice’s heroes and villains project off pillars like a mother to her chill’un
You would never suspect it but they make me feel free

I tuned the string up one letter from G
A chord above mine is what I need
The swallow in the grass with the red breast
will swallow his pride that he keeps in his chest
Sleepy, but still he sings with the rest — you, you and me

Almost done with the tasks I need to get accomplished today. Oh, you’re going to like this, this is what it says under Physical Activity Patient is Restricted from Participating:
Push-ups, <— aw, MAN!
Prolonged Standing.

Um… no.
I am high on life, how can I resign myself to sitting and like, walking like a regular person? No, thanks! This is why I make myself sick. I want to go go go until I can’t go anymore… then I pick myself back up and do it all over again. It’s a sick cycle, really. There has to be some way to make it better… maybe instead of falling completely on my ass I’ll squat. Then again, doctor’s orders say no.


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