One distraction Two distraction Red Distraction Blue Distraction

I am sooooo good at wasting my time. If there were a medal for procrastination I would show up late to the ceremony. Also, if there were a prize for being the most humble person ever, I would win, and not only would I win, but I would beat you and everyone else. I woudl also get The Honorable Mention prize for Redundancy.

Taking a minor break from a lot of Logic — my favorite subject this semester — and a bunch of the statement logic I’ve been reading reminds me of Dr. Seuss.

Nothing red is blue. Something is not blue. So, something is red.

~($x)(Rx • Bx) . ($y)~By .: ($z)Rz

I almost thought about not typing that out because I don’t know the alt code to make the backwards E existential sign and that bugs me. Isn’t that silly? I do know how to make the • sign though. • • • • I could • all day long.

So to further the time wasting endeavor, I looked up some Dr. Seuss titles. Here are some of my favorites, bulleted in a list featuring our friend the • of course:

• The Shape of Me and Other Stuff
• I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! and Other Stories
• Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?
• I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!
• You’re Only Old Once: A Book for Obsolete Children
• I Wish That I Had Duck Feet (written as Theo. LeSieg)

This cover is so half-ass. It looks like some tissue paper squares were glued on. It was a posthumous publication so I guess I can't blame him... I GUESS.

There’s also a book called My Many Colored Days. In my experience it is a pretty rare find. Each day of the week is associated with a color and an emotion. What colors and emotions would you assign to which days? I read this book in first grade and I remember it making complete sense to me (it still does). Sometimes, the way my memory works is by assigning a feeling or a visual to days. So a Friday could feel like a Monday if there were certain weather patterns or certain colors that kept popping up. It’s inexplicable, but so is the human mind in general.

One comment on “One distraction Two distraction Red Distraction Blue Distraction”

  1. as a staunch supporter of the good doctor, to whom i owe my knowledge of the alphabet, i feel it imperative to remind you that “aunt annie’s alligator” most certainly begins with “A”, and “nine new neckties & a nightshirt & nose” definitely begins with “N”, as the doctor promises. of course, “rosy going riding on her red rhinoceros” and the book being narrated by a “zizzer-zazzer-zuzz” is eons beyond reality, they absolutely begin with “R” and “Z”, respectively.

    seuss writes things that are silly,
    he tells of things that cannot be,
    but these silly things are just for tots,
    for whom it makes sense…logically.

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