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By: epluribusgeenum

May 10 2009

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I’m up at the campus library soaking in all the synergy… hopefully I am on the floor where there’s more work and less play. I guess by writing this post I’m leaning toward the play, but WHATEVER. The sixth floor is the most interesting floor to be on during study time:
– there’s a huge window overlooking the eastern city skyline, which is mostly a black void, so if you were planning on distracting yourself with scenery, you would fail.
– the sheer amount and organization of bookshelves on this floor makes people feel pretty liberal with where they settle down to study. I saw a couple of couples nesting in between some shelves… something about the way they were studying with their eyes closed and hugging each other made me think that not a lot was getting done…

I guess I’ve answered my own question, especially considering that I’m still on wordpress and that I’m reading this wikipedia article about Graphic Music Notation. That’s still learning, though, it’s just that it’s not World Topics, French lit or philosophy, or Logic. If my planner knew I was blogging it’d kill me!

I was practicing predicate logic today and it struck me how much of a language logic is. I mean I knew it the whole time, but that spark in your brain that ignites when you get closer and closer to becoming fluent in any language is such an incredible feeling. As my highschool Calculus teacher/awesome person extraordinaire Mr. Taylor would say, “Math is a language.” You bet your ass it is, and logic is another branch of that particular language tree. I think what makes math so difficult for me is the whole idea of trying to fit thoughts into a certain structure. I consider myself both a creative person and a scatterbrain, which makes it really difficult for me to understand (or focus on understanding) the mechanisms and organization behind certain things, but the moment I do it’s like Hallelujah! I just grasped that idea by the balls.

Reading staff music has always been a challenge for me. It’s an interesting kind of language. I have a high-level of respect for those people who can read it as easily as if they were reading words in a sentence. It takes a lot more practice than I wish it did; it seems like it comes so naturally to people. Something like graphic notation makes less sense yet more sense at the same time. Plus, it’s just so much more fun to look at than the staid lines and notes of staff notation. Click on the graphic below for a closer look:

That would make a really electric wall stencil. Something about the graphic reminds me of dinosaurus in a race… toward extinction? Aww. That purple glob at the end looks makes me think of a teradactyl.

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