Animalarky: A

One of my favorite things to do whenever I’m outside is to interact with animals (particularly birds) and see if and how well we can communicate with each other. Because I have no life and spend a lot of time on the internet, I’ve come across a smorgasbord of cool videos that chronicle that sort of interaction. It makes me want to install a National Geographic IV drip in my veins.

This will be my feeble attempt at doing that. Minus any needles. Here’s Letter A of an A-Z serial chronicle of how animals and humans interact.

They call this guy the Ant Whisperer. Ants communicate to other ants by leaving a trace substance behind… sort of like a popcorn trail for their buddies. Basically he takes an ant by the butt, derives their special substance (from their butt) with a stick, then uses the stick to trace an invisible trail on a piece of paper.

Man, everytime I watch this stuff I sincerely regret not working toward a career where I would work with animals. I guess Mojo is an experience in himself and that does not always go over so successfully… but after a recent exchange with friend E, where he made it blatantly obvious that he thinks I am an abysmal dog owner, I’ve been reading some literature and Youtubing some things that will hopefully help shut E’s mouth I mean, improve upon that.

Okay, I am incredibly sensitive about my dog. Gonna go ahead and say that if it’s not already really obvious. That sort of smack talk is equivalent to one of well-known no-nos of small-talk conversation in which your goal isn’t to piss each other off — insulting the way my dog behaves and how well-trained he is is like telling me how to raise my child. First of all, the way I treat my dog is not like a subordinate creature. I enjoy seeing his antics and his personality come out, even if it might annoy me or other people sometimes. That’s the best part of becoming acquainted with any being. Secondly, having an obedient dog is cool and all, but that’s not what I’m into.

Protection mode. This is why I need to move my bed away from the window.

Mojo is the one of the most individualistic creatures I’ve ever met–that includes humans–and that’s something I value in friendships. Bottom line: I want Mojo to be my best friend, not just a doting pet. He is fiercely protective of everything he loves, almost to a fault, and I admire that in him. Yes, I admire my dog. So if you’ve never done it yourself, raising a dog, especially a challenging dog like Mojo, it’s rather advisable to hush it up or help. End rant!

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