There used to be a “Crayon University” by my old house in Garland… I’d like a Diploma from there

What is it about adding the word Deluxe to any other word?  I’ve heard Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe.  That one has always been a chin-stroker.

Alright, so there’s this game whose title includes the words “crayon” and physics” together.  Okay, they’re the only two words.  Kloonigames is an independent gaming software company run by Petri, a blogger who creates monthly experimental games that fuses child’s play and “adult” rules.  (I hate using that child/adult dual fallacy thing.  There’s nothing “adult” about physics, really.  but that’s beside the poi9nt) Except this one’s got verbal lugs… “DELUXE”

Ooooh!  Ahhh!

Seriously, though, this could rock your world if you like simple but mentally challenging games, like, say, Tetris Attack.  Which I need to play… like right now.  But then again I have 5 more essays to write (NOT kidding on that number)… what a toss-up!  I promised I would watch The Soloist at the end of it all to reward myself. . . ugggh I want to see it now.  I’m being a whiny baby.

The other day I was explaining what I liked so much about my Information Society class to my friends.  We cover capitalism and globalization for the most part, but it’s really a world topics class in really specific, and non-assuming clothing.  That analogy could work better but my brain is blah so take it or leave it.  So I paused after rambling for a bit and concluded, “I just love going into class and coming out feeling mentally challenged.”  We laughed for seriously two straight minutes.  I love language and its funny little nuances.  There’s something about learning how to do that in another language and feeling so connected to those people because you share that same wavelength and seeing that understanding in each other’s eyes and laughter amplifies it.  sinx + sinx = 2sinx

Which brings me to another point about music but I can’t stay and blog all day long.  I got thangs to do!

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