The endeavors of my youth come in waves of truth

The Talking Heads have been stalking me lately:

Saw their CD next to the Bob Dylan disc while getting Starbucks,
Carlos and I have been raving about them (mostly just to each other) on and off during practice the last few weeks,
My ex-boyfriend from high school, Garrett, who I’m pretty sure introduced me to this band awhile back, texted me out of the blue (to vote him as the next Don’t Mess with Texas intern… he was always astoundingly ambitious that one) and he always reminds me of these three bands: Wham!, Berlin, and Talking Heads.

So they want back in, and I think I should introduce them if you aren’t already acquainted?

The first time they came back into my life, I was studying and bopping my head to my radio. I ended up stumbling upon a cover of “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” by Arcade Fire. Mmk, Regina Butler Regine Chassagne (Butler is her husband’s name.. how dare I) uses a calypso steel drum. Could I ask for more? Yes, technically, yes. But I hearted the crap out of that song within seconds. I think it may be my first heart on

Check it. About5 or 10 years ago, there was a sample song that came with every Windows Media Package. It’s called “Like Humans Do” by David Byrne, who is the lead singer of Talking Heads.

I remember this album cover.

I was a pre-teen, and I was listening to some pretty irritating music, but there were sprinkles of goodness up in there. That was one of them. I remember being all, “It’s kind of weird that I’m blasting the Windows Media Player sample song everyday, but I like it!” And with an album called “Look into the Eyeball,” I was sold. It was so refreshingly strange. And that was one of the best years of my life… that was the year I started 5th grade at a new school, Kimberlin Academy. I went into that school wide-eyed, meek, and scared. I came out um, still wide-eyed, strong, and sure. The changes I went through are so aplenty. That was a truly poignant moment in my adolescence. I specifically remember the moment my friend Lindsey Spragins taught me just how valuable a friend that challenges you can be. She taught me how to stand up for myself no matter what NO MATTER WHUT. Holla!

So it seems we have come full circle. David Byrne, you have infiltrated my life again. Did you hear that? That pop? That’s both the sound of a small but potent neural explosion in my brain and the world folding in on itself.

If it’s the Talking Heads, I won’t let these voices get out of my head. Stay in there!

Awesome LIVE video. I really like the backdrop. Not too distracting, but still creative.

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