Mischief Managed

I made this when I was supposed to be reading for class. Time totally well spent.

Feed Us a Fetus played at the Revolution this past Friday with The Foragers, Warbler, and This Old House. If we were interacting face-to-face, reader, you might ask, “Fantastic, how did it go?” to which I would respond, “It was a suck…”

And then I would linger on the last word to build it up…. then the finish… wait for it…

…CESS!” Haha, tricked! Then vigorous eyebrow movements would occur.

Alhough a “suckcess” sounds like an unpleasant lesion. Y’know, not like those pleasant lesions or anything.

Besides the fact that I looked in the mirror after I got home and realized that the onesie I was wearing gave me this super camel-toe effect, the show was superb. I’m not even going to front. The energy was brilliant, the weather was damp and humid, but in that way that makes people take their shirt off in a fit of “Yeah, summer!” Or “I’m so sweaty I’m sweating in places I didn’t know I could sweat, tra la la, LET’S DANCE!” I brought a box of hats to see what could be done with them. Originally I meant to just have the band members wear them at will but some people in the front grabbed them. An unknown drunkard swiped my favorite straw fedora. Why he didn’t grab the coolest and had-just-so-happened-to-be free beanie that was rainbow colors, I do not know, but I wish it had gone that way. SIIIIIGH.

I’ve been sighing alot, is that normal? I feel dramatic when I catch myself doing it, but not a good kind of dramatic like those times I’m walking Mojo when the sun’s coming up and I imagine The Circle of Life blasting from every corner of the park. Really? I feel like I should be crocheting or finishing up a lecture when I sigh. Or is it an instinct? A pick-me-up for when I’m doing Breathing! Double Time! or a stress reliever?

My body was tense the whole show. Being in a onesie made it possible to get my stretch on before the show but a crowded bar is a surprisingly non-conducive atmosphere for that sort of thing. I loooove stretching. If I only stretched all day long to move around I bet I’d walking around like a noodly fool in heaven by lunchtime. I just settled for the giant hand-shaped chair (such a wonderfully awkward peice of furniture) and did some erratic shoulder and neck rolls, but if you do it to the rhythm of music it passes as a complicated dance move.

Performing that night was such a good release for pent-up stress. I’ve always liked school, but sometimes I can’t wrap my head around everything that’s happening. Scatterbrains like me have minds that like to toss and tussle when they’re challenged, like a bull. That night felt like I had a mental lasso but physically, I was worried I had little grasp for it. I have the blood pressure of a nearly-middle-aged woman (Cool, huh?), so add to that practice where sometimes the atmopshere isn’t always so relaxing.

Biking, awesome stress-reliever/over-all endorphine-party in my veins. Next semester I’ll be taking intermediate fencing. Just thinking about it makes me grin like a maniac. I hope it helps me regain some balance and equilibrium in my core and my step, and I can hone some coordination skills. There may also be some music-making happening in there too, I hope. So I can learn how to harness the tension and turn my body into a stress-powered vessel. Stressel. They don’t call it “letting out steam” for nothing, and I’m boutsta embark on my own industrial revolution, baby.


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