Seamus and Amos

are shamelessly aimless.

Here’s a song I’ve been workin on tentatively named Seamus&Amos….

It’s hard to find the time to just sit down and practice enough so that I can sing the lyrics while playing the rhythm on the guitar. Just some muscle memory and willpower will do the trick. And some extra time, damnit!

The funny thing about this song is that everytime I play it I picture these two:


meet Amos.

meet Amos.

Seamus Finnigan of Harry Potter fame and Amos Lee, the musical artist, going around town being hooligans and getting nothing accomplished. The lyrics come from the simple fact that it’s fun to say. It’s something I came up with in class. When I blank out in class I’m either a) doodling b) thinking about what I will eat next c) thinking about music or d) thinking of tongue twisters and words that sound cool together. Seriously.

Other news includes this dude named Brad who sucks. Brad Sucks is a one man band with no fans (and is also a liar because his music is pretty cool and I’m fairly certain a lot of people like him.) Whatever, whether or not he sucks is irrelevant. The fact that he’s putting out his own music on his own time in his own way is admirable. You so don’t suck for that, Bradley, sir.

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