New music makes me feel bright and shiny and so fine-y

If Daedelus were a culinary artist in lieu of the musical variety, he’d be the kind of chef that would both satisfy your tongue and upset your stomach. AND YOU’D LIKE IT. He’d whip up like, chocolate chicken. When you eat it, you’re like, what the hell, chocolate in my chicken? I’m confused, this is so good but I never would have thought of it. And even if I had, I would’ve stopped myself by reasoning that, Nah, that wouldn’t really work, would it?

So Daedelus, this musical surrealist, takes logic out of the equation and infuses electronic blips, noises, and anthems with surprising elements like large crowd applause, or children chanting, or jazz flutes. Jazz flutes get so little play in the grand scheme of things. But THEN! He layers it with movie dialogue or sweeping orchestral soundtrack bits.

It tore me up trying to figure out which video to put here, so I just put two. WHATEVA.

Best part of this song is MF Doom saying, “The beat is strictly retarded yo, sounds like it came off the ‘Hate Ricky Ricardo show.”

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