I bet Franz Liszt made Liszts like Thiszt

Things I accomplished today:

– outwitting Dr. Bracher in the French seminar today over La Peste
– giving back what I owe and clearing all debts
– constructing riddles for a Scavenger tout en francais… astoundingly more challenging than it was originally thought to be!
– finishing the logic quiz in a record five minutes
– discovered a little band called Amon Tobin — electronica, breakbeat, and Hawaiian … that combo pretty much encompasses everything I want to be in terms of music — and am currently listening listening. listening: Amon Tobin’s myspace
Gotta love the boom-clap sample they use in Dualistic (it’s the same one from a Nina Skye song? I am not even ashamed that I know that.)

Things I will stay on top of:

– eating healthier
– quitting (reserved only for the bad fights, like smoking)
– my school work
– my quest for good, new music

Things that will be done by the end of today so that I can shout Hallelujah! Do a jig, run a mile, check things off, feel like I did the damn thing, etc.

– at least starting to compose a song about “The Shock Factor” (capital T as dramatic journalist and slight pessimist Naomi Klein demands it), and disaster capitalism for ukulele. My Communication Tech Issues professor, Dr. Burkart, let me have an absence from seminar one Thursday to play ukulele for Kids Klub where Kara works. So I agreed to write a song on the last day for my last oral presentation. That class is the bomb… any suggestions/puns/clever little quips are welcome.
– for that matter I should post up the Hawaiian song.
– and after that matter I want to start writing the melody for some lines I came up with about Hitler and how he should’ve stuck to painting postcards. Where are those anyway?
– scour the house clean
– stencil t-shirts
– train for Bandana Blitz… and by that I just mean a joy ride

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