Uke could learn something

By: epluribusgeenum

Apr 23 2009

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I planned on getting my ukulele restringed at Lippman’s off Northgate before arriving at the film screening of Blade Runner for Lit & Film tonight. I ran out of time between chunks of my schedule (surprise!!) so here I am at the SCC afterward. Better to do it myself–I’m surprised at myself for not having attempted that first. I visited good old Ukulele Underground. I just felt it necessary to say thanks to Ukulele Underground for existing. And thanks to anything on the internet for existing… for the most part… well, for the good part… Whatever, I mean, do you realize how easy it is to self-educate? It’s bonkers! If I really wanted to buckle down on my usage of household objects to render myself into animal shapes, I could do it.

Today I chilled outside with a squirrel that concentrated so hard on eating popcorn lodged in the cobblerstone that neither wild arm flailing nor standing idly by whistling and pretending like i don't see him had no effect. Tenacious little dude.


But also I wanted to share the fact that they have a link on there entitled “Uke Got Mail.” Fawesome.

A while up there while I was writing that paragraph, something slipped my mind and I drew a blank. I looked left and up at nothing to jog my memory. Who the heck does that?

I’m off to a meeting where I will concoct a bunch of silly riddles in French about the park across my street. What a life!

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