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By: epluribusgeenum

Apr 23 2009

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I don’t care. One more post. I just peeped this on lockedcog. Like…. … I … don’t… I … what.

Since WordPress likes to cockblock anything from Vimeo, hopefully these screenshots will say enough.

Inspired. Danny MacAskill from dave on Vimeo.

The tree thing. If I ever run into this guy in a forest, it’s on like donkey kong, for like, hours on end. Band of Horses’ The Funeral is a bit of an awkward choice though…

Edit: I started posting this before I even finished. Okay, so. 4:38. Atop store signs. I’d like to see this guy at the zoo. At the great wall. [I can’t think of any place I wouldn’t like to see him do his thing.] And at my wedding, probably. First dance, eff that. I’m gonna have this dude do bike tricks while my and my husband stand by wide-eyed.

Speaking of badasses, for my major research project in French Seminar Lit I was required to give an oral presentation today on my findings. It was supposed to be 6 to 8 minutes long. I presented on Jean-Paul Sartre, existentialism, and the German Occupation of France during WWII. Heavy stuff. I knew I went overboard, but I figured it was only 10 minutes. I prattled on in French for… wait for it…
Twenty. Two. Minutes. I basically taught the class today. So… I’m pretty much feeling very good about what I do. End.

One comment on “One more”

  1. Ok so the next time you are going to talk about existentialism in french please for the love of science and rationalism let me know ahead of time!

    Not that i speak a word of french, i speak this many words:
    Gem-apple Mike, Mercy beau coo. oui oui bon bon peugot paris.

    I can speak alot more german words but its not very pretty, real germans make german sound pretty though, its weird. Mein name ist mike, ich spreche nur ein bisschen deutsche. Was isst du zum fruhstuck?

    Man i’ve forgotten alot of german, i used to be able to ramble on for a good long time. Das stimmt. ganz genau.

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