This holds a good chunk of my life. No, not the hand. Or the distinct recorder in this specific picture. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

On a Tuesday a couple of weeks ago, my morning class was cancelled.  That left only one laaater in the afternoon, and I decided to play hooky and toko a trip to Houston.  My purposes were: 

A) to visit my friends Bryan and Gloria, the first being a dear pal that recently moved to New Orleans, and the latter being a even dearer pal (no offense Bryan) that moved back to the prison (her words) of her parent’s house. 

B) to get my computer’s fixafixed at Fry’s Electronics which sadly does not exist in my town.  I ended up buying something while I was there that I had been saving up for.  I couldn’t help but feel financial jitters build up inside me because it was fairly pricey, but now have absolutely zero regrets. 

Voila!  The digital recorder.  Up until then I had no way to record anything and to get anything done musically I knew such a device would be the most helpful thing in terms of reaching some goals.  The whole Tuesday I went recording crazy, especially being around two of my most creative friends. 

This first one is just a wee bit of guitar and a shaken ice cup for the beat.  The sound that the cup o’ ice made surprised me with how fair of an excuse for percussion it ended up being.

That’s not really that impressive, I know, but the sound!  Oh, man, the sound.  It picks up so well.  Jenga, I remember who was battling an fierce ear infection would shake her head to and fro to try to itch it.  Doggy logic, don’t understand it.  But her collar made some cool jingly-jangle noises in some of the recordings.

This one is about Teenage Caterpillars (or simply put, butterflies in the making.)

I wanted to share this recording in particular because while it is spare, simple, and nothing incredibly out-of-the-ordinary, it somehow jampacks major elements of what I would like music to do — to remind you of distant and um… local? memories, to make you feel good when around other people, and for that matter to ease you from the stranger zone to the friend zone.  Specific facts that give me ideas to use in later recordings:
– train in the background. YES YES YES found sounds. You have to wait for/randomly catch that shiz. That’s what makes it so special.
– how conversation flows with the song. “Did anyone do that thing where in elementary school where you get a caterpillar and put in a jar? And feed it green mush?” You just can’t plan that stuff.
– general sillyness
– I think someone says “I need to pee” at the end… may or may not have been me

So I guess if I were a more succinct person who didn’t like to elaborate I would have just said, “It makes you feel good, and it brings people together.  Like a hearthfire.  And it’s really cold outside.  So the hearthfire doesn’t even need to be that big or showy.  It’s warmth enough.”


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