I’m Back!

Okay, I guess I never actually never left. I’ve just had the WordPress dashboard up the whole time I’ve been working on le projet de recherche.

Here are a bunch of comics that are about sleep. I like to chill myself out by laughing about what I can’t do anything about. It keeps me driven, and that’s what I need!

Dang I got really comic-happy just there. I guess while I’m at it I’ll save these to the actual blogroll column so I don’t have to type it in the future! In a matter of time all that will probably seven seconds saved total just by having the links on my blogroll. That’s how you save time, baby!

Geez, I am seriously caffeinated up. What the hell am I even talking about. Resorting to moments like these really destroys my body. And my mental capacity is not at its peak, CRAZY I know, at 3. My immune system is on the lowest rung. I need to be superwell and the workload this week is not helping so far. Come Monday night I am sleeping until I just can’t sleep no more. A total conk out. I’ll be rem cyclin’ it. Getting my Zz’s on.

Okay. My life, I just realized, revolves around -cycles of all sorts.
Rem cycle
Menstrual cycle (yeah, I said it)

….Hmm… it seems I ran out. Uhhhh look over there!


2 comments on “I’m Back!”

  1. yessssssssss
    ok in the spirit of geena i will form a list of great things about this post:

    -married to the sea
    -sleep (and sometimes the lack of it)

    Uhhhhh look over there!

    not really i am still here, now im going.

    With love,

  2. Hey there how are you. Thamks for stopping in I’m new to the blog but will get time to spend on it soon

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