Guess who’s got shifty eyes? Shifty bloodshot eyes.

Man, I am working my butt off right now! But I just noticed that it’s officially 4/20. Excuse me while I take a break from my research project (which is gonna be -singsong voice- aweeeesoooome!) and present you with a piece of a song I’m working on putting together for Feed Us A Fetus, whose subject matter seamlessly coincides with what I wish I was doing right now. Which is sleeping and not worrying about stuff like France during the Occupation and how I forgot to call Ian back and why my chest feels so tight on my heart’s side and if I will actually get help from the student health services this week or even have time to go.

I decided this entry needed a visual, at least. I googled "psychedelic dream," ooooh yeaaaah.

The Ian I mention above is the one I’ve been collaborating on this song with. I’ve had such a crazy mental block with it (and still sort of do). It’s a four-chorder, and they’re beautiful chords, but they need to go somewhere else and come back. My theory is you have to let your listeners hear other things, otherwise they won’t miss those chords, they’ll just get tired of em and feel like their ears are in the drone zone!

I have several pieces of this song — all different variations — and this, called

Cassandra Shifty Eyes

is my latest one. I sampled it on my turntable, did some secret tweaks that I won’t divulge because it’s none ya biz, and then layered over it with the digital speech function (shoutout to Microsoft Sam!) that exists under “Speech” on the Windows Control Panel. So I had the computer right next to the turntables and went to work. On Notepad I had these two things at the ready to copy and paste into the Preview textbox at will:

Zzzzz. Zzz. Zzz. Zz.


Even in her sleep, see, she’s got these shifty shifty eyes eyes. Ooh, shifty shifty noooooooooowwww.

Except the “noooooowwww” comes out all warbly and honestly, Microsoft Sam (Can I call you Mike Sam?), I don’t know where you go with some of that because there are literally only two distinct letters in that word after the initial consonant. But it’s all good.

I have these other portions, but I don’t know how I can fit them altogether.

Cassandra was murdered in her sleep and it was the professor with the dagger

. This gets pretty sick at the end and I mean sick like stupid. I kind of just flail around on the keys.

Cassandra on the Radio
(This one I sample on my turntables with a Vinyl Sim filter for “Old Radio”… it sounds Billie Holiday-esque?)

I really want to take a class on Arrangement. Or just composition in general. I feel like a writer who has a bunch of good lines but can’t put a freaking story together, and it’s ding dong frustrating. If I had more time, that fleeting temptress, I’d have something more solid.

Anyway, I digress, both from the point and from my homework. Happy 4/20 everyone! Shifty bloodshot eyes, here I come! If you see me tomorrow believe me when I say I am not a zombie. It will be hard, but believe me.

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