Fast Boy Bicycles

Skillz for rillz

My friend Gloria prodded me the way of Fast Boy’s Flickr, who she follows because he has a pitbull. I follow, not only because I thoroughly delight in his Peter Gallagher-like eyebrows, but because I am fond of the way he makes bikes.

Meet Ezra of Fast Boy Cycles
purveyor of beautiful bicyclery, ass-cancer fighter, and photographer, and a man who dubbed one of his fixed gear project bikes “The Thunderfucker.”

With all these powers combined, I am Captain Planet!  Er, wait.  With his powers of photography, biking, bike-making, and general badassness, Ezra offers us these sorts of things:

Heart insignia.  Awwsville :).

Heart insignia. So sensi-teeve.


So one can simultaneously check out one's killer rack and bum

 If you find yourself wide-eyed at how flawless his woodwork is, dood.  Sit down.  It gets even better.  He has an entirely separate website devoted to selling fenders like these:

Walnut/Maple Mudflaps built for 700cs.

Walnut/Maple Mudflaps built for 700cs.

Dood knows his wood.  That's a slant rhyme.

Dood knows his wood. That's a slant rhyme.

So those handlebars and that fender set pretty much belong on my bike. The goal is to make my bike blend in with a forest. I’m gonna have to set aside a jar for this or something.

This last one may be overkill, but I don’t care.  I’m relatively new to the bike game, but this excites me so in the same way American Idol auditions get to me: I don’t care for it myself, but it sure looks fun, and the results are usually entertaining/horrid/beautiful but not for me.  This one’s a chin-stroker for sure. 

The Assless Bike

The Assless Bike

Anyway, I’ve had a weird sort of day, so all I really want now after this post is to ride my bike and clear my head.  Tonight I’m meeting my friend Bryan halfway between Houston and College Station to try to record something and talk.  (This being after Feed Us A Fetus practice and a bit of homework.)  It might be hectic and I might lose some sleep, but I like these sorts of meetings.  Spontaneity is in my blood, and it doesn’t always work with how horrendous my time management skills are, but hey.  What’re you gon’ do?  Have fun, live happy, get yours taken care of.  If that goal is accomplished, I’ll be peachy.  Happy Thursday, y’all, and be good to each other.

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  1. this rounds out your post very nicely…


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