I don’t like clips, but I do like Clipse

Ever heard of Grindin’ by Clipse?  It’s the first song on my cycle-to-school playlist.  It also happens to be a perennial favorite of mine and my roommate’s, since the days of yore.  And by yore I mean 9th grade.  After hanging out with friends at Wheelers Wednesday up at Kyle Field, we both like to frequent a place called Paddock Lane on Northgate.  They have a $50 prize for karaoke contenders, and if I’m not mistaken, tonight is the night we will attempt to assume victory. 

Parts of this song will be more appropriate to bikes so something like this:

What’s the size of them rims on that car, nigga, ahhh?

will become –>

What’s the size of them rims on that bike, nigga ahhh?. 

Although coming up with something equally as stimulating but less hurtful than the word “nigga” will be a bit of a challenge.  I need suggestions.  Probably not from all two of you readers because either a) it will be not on time and b) I will see you right before, Mike Fizz.

Wednesday, approximately 24/38 of the way through.  Aaaaand break! 

(Except no breaks, really.  I have to attend my weekly French Club Conversation Tables in about 10 minutes across the hall.) 

(And for that matter, no brakes, either.)

One comment on “I don’t like clips, but I do like Clipse”


    Whenever you feel that you are about to say the n word, just say chicken instead. I dont remember where i got that from but it works.

    I think i am too late now…that is so disappointing. 1 s 2 p’s;disappointing.

    Now is the part of the day where i go get the worlds most expensive breakfast burrito and then study for exam then im grumpy and unresponsive for the rest of the day.

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