Busin-ass as usual

If if if if if if.

If the extra quarter that I now have to pay so that I can enjoy a cold Coke will go toward recycling, then so be it.  $1.25, take it from my calloused, well-on-the-way-to-carpel-tunnel hands, Texas A&M University.  But what I don’t understand is this:

If Geena : A&M :: a client : a business

Then what’s the deal with all the red tape when all I want to do is accomplish something worthwhile?  Granted, I’m late to class a lot, and I’ve skipped before in my day (and maybe that one time last week–[sheepish grin]).  But it’s my money, and besides, I make pretty badass grades.  And like I said Texas A&M University is an establishment that is more of a franchise than a school when it comes to rules, regulations, and money.   That being said, I’ve tried to fight the system, and the failure is less of a wound than it is a senseless offense.  A few weeks ago I petitioned to get a double major in Communications.  I have a 3.6 GPA in my comm courses alone.  But I have 105 hours, a mere 10 hours more than I should have, according to the rules, if I wanted to declare my double major. 

My main arguments were these: 1) I’ve completed enough Comm courses to graduate with a Comm major by the end of this year.  That not only beefs up my academic record but it fattens up the pockets of whoever’s getting my tuition money (the school). 

2) If I’m willing to cough up more money to get an extra degree — in other words, an attempt to succeed to the fullest — why be so anal about rules that get in the way of that aspiration?  That don’t make no damn sense.

3) College is where you learn how to be responsible.  But it’s also a time for growth, not hardheaded decisiveness.  Do you know where I’ve been?  Biomedical Science to General Studies to French.  From one end of the spectrum to the other.  You can’t make decisions about your life all in one go, and if I realized that hey, I really like communication, I think I’ll pursue it, what does too many hours have anything to do with that?  It’s like, sorry, you have too much experience and too many classes under your built, no thanks, no room for you.  What the crap.

I’ve only gotten the chance to fight through paper, and it’s time for actual, um, I don’t know, communication.  Hello!  At this point I’ve only been able to speak to the dean through e-mail.  I don’t care how late it is in the semester; I’m still a young, warm-blooded, vibrant student and I’ve made mistakes and missed deadlines, but I’m going to try my hardest to get what I want if I can help it.  And if anything, it will prove how much I believe in communication, and to apply scholastics means more than a silly piece of paper anyway.  Should I become a toothless hobo living in a ditch, my diploma won’t keep me warm. 

Rant over.  Rargh.

One comment on “Busin-ass as usual”

  1. The tags “texas a&m” and “nonsense” are redundant. That is all i have to say about that.

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