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My friend that I met through bikes (that makes it sound like I have bicycles for friends and they introduced us… yeah, pretty much) just dipped his pen into the blogosphere ink. Except he uses old school ink on a 1948 Royal De Luxe and then scans his pretty pieces.  Do you have an old school soul, Mike, or are you just that cool?  Both?
Introducing Loud de Luxe.  Go pay him a visit, and anal grammar grammas beware, put your red pen away, because the dude either likes typos (I think he does), simply goes with the flow of the typawrita, or he does it just to spite you.  Just to rile you up.

Makin' typos look sexy

One comment on “Loud De Luxe”

  1. In regards to my love of typos. Did you know that in addition to a shitty typer, i am also the founder of the “There there there your your” group on facebook? I was sick of trying to remember when to use the different forms of these kinds of words and decided i would instead use only one form in every case.

    Grammar be damned.

    That said there are alot of typos that occur simply because typewriters require a firm and confident smack of the key to lay ink on the paper, hesitation=typos. Also its a 60 year old machine so sometimes it just fucks up, can’t do anything about that.

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