Looking Balls are not at their optimal

I forgot to put in my contacts this morning.  I wear them everyday, I don’t really know what happened there.  By George, glasses are in order.  Someone ran over my last pair (after I had dropped them, of course. I have the worst luck with glasses). 

I’m walking around all blurry-eyed with no doubt a stupidly confused look on my face.   But in class– so far, so good.  I only really need them if my professors are writing on the board, and even still, I print out all the notes before I go to class.

So.  Responsibility in the school department– 1000 points. 

Taking care of the only eyes I will ever have– -200 points. 

Come on, girl!  Get a grip! 

Yesterday I got a planner, and who knows why I didn’t have one before.  I mean all my friends know I fill my time with a lot, maybe even too much, so it would help to be able to sort out all that scheduling in writing, because I’ve seen the results of trying to just commit it to memory.  It works for some things but not for others.  I feel so grown-up and all having an “agenda”!  Heehee.

Today I’m going to unwind after school by baking a cake, possibly eating a lot of it by myself, hanging out in my trees out front, working on a secret project that will manifest itself very soon, and practicing some songs on the ukulele.  Thursday I have a commitment to my roommate to come play a song about Hawaii for her kids.  She has kids.  No, not really.  She works for this thing called Kids Klub and is in charge of “Culture Club,” who is having a Hawaiian day. 

I am so excited!  I’ve wanted to be Hawaiian since I was a kid.  (I’ve also wanted to be Native American, Mermish, a unicorn, and at some point, a wrestler.  I’ve wanted to be a lot of things.) And whenever people (read: strangers) can’t guess what ethnicity I am, Hawaiian is one of the guesses I’ve gotten maybe 60% of the time.  To play the part would be awesome.  Wonder where you can get a grass skirt?  This post was boring.  Blahblahblah.  I’ll make up for it with a video.

Here is what I’ve been obsessing with.  I missed them.  They were playing at Emo’s this Saturday in Austin for SxSw.  I took the “I’m super broke” route and went to the free show at Zilker where Explosions in the Sky played.  There were actual explosions in the sky at the end, although they were crappily timed.  The fireworks went off for several minutes after they were finished playing.  Still a gorgeous Saturday night though.  I could think of several things that could’ve made it better, but there was enough.  I met an interesting fellow from San Francisco who rolls with the fixed gears (supposibly), had a mini harmonica around his neck to replace his lost voice in order to contribute to applause, and offered me a swig or two of Brandy.  So burn-y without a chaser.  Without further ado:


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